the photographer, finance & computer guy


the editor, the baby handler and of course, the better half

Thank you for taking the time to getting to know us (we really hope we live up to the expectation!

In addition to the key team members, we also want thank our family and friends who have supported us through this endeavor. They are the true behind-the-scenes team that make Bump 2 Baby Photography possible! 

We are a husband-wife team that started Bump 2 Baby Photography, LLC in January of 2016 after getting many requests by friends to go over to their homes to take photos of their little ones! Prabhod has had a fancy camera (can you tell Vimi is writing this?) since 2005 and has never let it go, no seriously - never! Although he loves taking landscape photos, he was easily convinced to turn! Bump 2 Baby Photography is Vimi’s way of taking a break from her crazy emergency department life and Prabhod’s way of continuing his passion in photography!

Perfect. Match.

So, why are we telling you this? Because we want you to understand that we are not your “regular” photography company. We have full-time jobs and this is our hobby, our passion! We loving meeting new families, watching our little models grow over time and take pride in making every session fun and fulfilling. We have chosen to do this during our “spare” time and love what we do. We are here to capture your memories because we absolutely LOVE to!

the behind-the-scenes team

These two are the love of our lives, the apples of our eyes, etc etc etc. They drive us absolutely bonkers, but we love them (even though they show their love towards in a not-so-nice manner). Sheru came first - he is our 4 year old great dane who has the heart of gold. Sheru has been through many tough and fun days with us, he's pretty much seen and heard it all in this house! Little Miss. Divya is our nearly two year old daughter, so full of energy - she reminds us everyday that we're getting old (we really think she has someone sneak her a red bull before we wake up in the morning). They both have slowly learnt over the years that they can team up against us and get pretty much anything they want!

Trust us, these two are the ones you don't ever want to see at your session. Ever.


the opinionated mess-maker, full-of-life energy bunny

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the 215 lb drooler, scared-of-anything-that-moves guard dog